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Booking a Tattoo

Please have a look though my gallery as to familiarise yourself with my preferred styles. I love to take on new challenges and can vary my style from time to time but I also understand my limits. I want to make sure I'm putting in 100 percent for you and that starts with a strong connection to you and your concept. 

I will not copy and tattoos or artwork without express permission from the original artist or if it is a tribute to original artist.

All enquires must be made by email to 
with the following information:

-Your full name and contact details 

-A description of what is you are looking to get, the more information you provide the easier it will be to quote you.

-a description or a photo of the area you want tattooed. With a rough idea of size in cm.

-If its a cover up you will need to provide a photo of the original tattoo, but preferably I would need to sit down and see it in person.

-Reference images. Of the tattoo styles you like, any subject matter preferably any tattoos on mine that you like the style of.

-If you have a budget please let me know

You will receive an automated reply, with more information and will get back to you as soon as can.


I consider myself a bit of an allrounder when it comes to tattooing, I started learning my craft in a busy shop and as such do enjoy a broad range of styles. With that though I do prefer some styles to others. They include, black and grey realism and Dotwork/Geometric. 

Colour isn't something a do primarily, however I would be more than happy to work with the right subject matter, I love the weird and quirky subject matter so don't be afraid to hit me up.  

Realism Tattoo of wolf in forest with moon

Black and grey realism is the style I have been doing the longest. I love doing animals, birds and portraits. If you are keen on this style its best to send through a lot of photo reference.  

Black work Tattoo of surreal skull

Dot work is probably my favourite style at the moment. I use it to create some awesome little designs of creatures and monsters, anything weird. The subject matter can vary but I most of the work I do in this style tends to be on the small to medium size.


Colour was my bread and butter as an artist before I became a tattoo artist. I love pop culture, neo traditional and indigenous styles. 

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